Thin and Inexpensive Netbooks Affect PC Industry

Get ready for the next stage in the personal computer revolution: ultrathin and dirt cheap. | 0 Comments

Universities Use Collaborative Software To Share Classroom Displays

If there's a single most powerful benefit from using a collaborative software tool called ClassSpot, according to Stanford's Menko Johnson, it's this: It lets an instructor control multiple display screens in a classroom simply and cost-effectively. "That's huge," Johnson said. "Whenever you have a classroom beyond a single display, you enter a whole new environment of multiple computers displaying different things at the same time.... But how do you run this multimedia show without letting it take over the entire class?" | 0 Comments


Study questions plagiarism-detection software

Computer programs designed to root out possible instances of plagiarism often flag common phrases and could deter students from using valuable sources in papers and essays, according to research conducted by two Texas Tech University professors.



Computer Experts Unite to Hunt Worm

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes struggle is taking place between computer security groups around the world and the brazen author of a malicious software program called Conficker.

The program grabbed global attention when it began spreading late last year and quickly infected millions of computers with software code that is intended to lash together the infected machines it controls into a powerful computer known as a botnet." | 0 Comments


The List: Look Who's Censoring the Internet Now

Countries like Iran and China are notorious for their Internet censorship regimes. But a growing number of democracies are setting up their own great fire walls. | 0 Comments

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