U Arizona Moves Staff to Cloud-Based Microsoft E-Mail and Calendaring

The University of Arizona in Tucson will be moving 18,000 staff members to cloud-based e-mail and calendar applications from Microsoft that will include a larger inbox quota, instant messaging, and tools for holding online meetings. This will be the first major change to employee e-mail in about seven years, the university said. | 0 Comments


Apple's market value overtakes Microsoft

Apple has overtaken Microsoft to become the largest technology company by market value, crowning a stunning corporate comeback. | 0 Comments


Illini Mobile brings buzz, the217 and WPGU to your phone

While part of the fun of picking up a buzz is flipping through all the pages, getting the color ink on your fingertips, or using it afterward as a means to keep dry in the rain, sometimes there just isn’t a stack close by to help you get the latest news of the CU community. While we love our print product dearly, the Illini Media Company has come up with a new way to bring you all of the features of buzz on-the-go so you can always be up to date on what’s going on around town. | 0 Comments


On the road with the iPad: Can you leave the laptop home?

"I got an iPad when they went on sale in early April, a few weeks before I left on a five-day business trip. On the iPad, I can do 90% of the computing tasks I need to do. I can use the Web, check e-mail, use Twitter and Facebook, and, most important, write. Theoretically, I should be able to use it as my only computer for a short time." | 0 Comments


The 'Unconference': Technology Loosens Up the Academic Meeting

If you've been to a traditional humanities conference, you know what a soul-crushing experience it can be. First you apply months ahead of time to a program committee, which will take its sweet time deciding whether your paper or panel idea merits a place. Then you shell out money to spend three days in windowless conference rooms listening to other people dutifully read their papers. There might even be a PowerPoint presentation. | 0 Comments

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