When it comes to wireless, if Google wins, you lose

"The great thing about being an executive at a Silicon Valley giant (aside from the obscene paychecks) is that you don't have to mess with consumer technology problems. You have minions to handle such quotidian chores. But the rest of us, particularly those who rely on wireless technology to do our jobs, have no such luxury. And all too often, we're the victims of shoddy customer service, products that don't work as advertised [1], and nasty little gotchas that push already sky-high wireless bills even higher." | 0 Comments


Google Agonizes on Privacy as Advertising World Vaults Ahead

"Should it tap more of what it knows about Gmail users? Should it build a vast "trading platform" for buying and selling Web data? Should it let people pay to not see any ads at all?" | 0 Comments


Has Microsoft brought the future of computers to campus?

"After working on Microsoft’s Surface, a table-sized computer that recognizes hand gestures and objects and allows multiple people to use the product simultaneously, van Dam said the multimodal interface will prove valuable to higher-education researchers examining how their institutions—and the general population—can move away from the antiquated point-and-click computing experience." | 0 Comments


To Stop Cheats, Colleges Learn Their Trickery

The 228 computers that students use are recessed into desk tops so that anyone trying to photograph the screen — using, say, a pen with a hidden camera, in order to help a friend who will take the test later — is easy to spot. | 0 Comments

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