A Google Tool to Translate a French Menu

Watch any science fiction television show, including “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who,” and you will likely hear about a little gadget called a “Universal Translator.” This fictitious device could instantly translate two languages between anywhere in the galaxy.

Now fiction is edging closer to reality with an announcement from Google on Thursday. The company said it is launching an additional feature to its Google Goggles application that offers the ability to translate text using an Android-based camera phone. | 0 Comments


No More Bullet Points, No More Clip Art

How many lives has PowerPoint cost us? It's hard not to wonder after reading a New York Times story in which a parade of military brass strafe Microsoft's ubiquitous presentation software. PowerPoint, the Times reports, has "reached the level of near obsession" in the military, with junior officers in Iraq and Afghanistan wasting many of their waking hours monkeying with slides to present at mission briefings, training sessions, and staff meetings. | 0 Comments

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