Caller ID Spoofing

The telephone rang at 4:56 p.m. in the Admission's office. Elaine almost didn't answer until she noticed that the caller ID showed that the call came from the President's Office. "Registration Office, Elaine speaking," she pleasantly responded into her headset. The equally pleasant response was, "Hi Elaine, my name is Bill, and I'm new in President Smith's office. Everyone said you were the person to help me. The President would like some information about one of our applicants, the one that's the senator's daughter. Can you help me?" "Sure, you've called the right place," Elaine responded as she glanced at her watch. | 0 Comments


Survey Gets Law-School Students' Thoughts on Laptops, Writing, and Ethics

Law-school professors are fed up with students using laptop computers in class to surf to Facebook, eBay, everything but LexisNexis. And some have even banned the distracting machines. But results from a new survey show that an outright ban might not be such a good idea. | 0 Comments


MIT Professor Creates Software To Organize the Details of Everyday Life

Paper-bound humans may find relief from their accumulations of sticky notes, business cards, and to-do lists if an MIT computer science professor succeeds in a new initiative. David Karger, a member of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), has created List.it, a simple program to capture all kinds of information scraps and to-do lists. The beta version of this Web-based note-taking software allows users to enter, store, and retrieve all kinds of information, from e-mail addresses to Web URLs, to shopping lists. List.it allows users to jot down short notes and search them for later retrieval. | 0 Comments

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