Bernanke's 1980s Computer Model Predicts Crisis

After the recent two weeks of tumult in the American economy, consumers couldn't be blamed for wishing they had a crystal ball that could help them see into the uncertain future. Will there be a recession? How bad would it be? Should Congress and the White House launch a $700 billion Wall Street rescue mission? | 0 Comments


The Camera-Friendly, Perfectly Pixelated, Easily Downloadable Celebrity Academic

Some Japanese have an expression for a charming professor: a charisma-sensei. You know the type. He's actorly, perhaps a little too smooth; he enthralls students. Not too long ago, university authorities considered him suspect. He was cool, sure, but was he scholarly enough? A charisma-sensei's tenure battle, during which dour publish-or perish administrators disparaged his sweetness and light, might be a freshman's or sophomore's first exposure to intellectual and moral injury. He was Professor Chips; he was Prof. Jean Brodie. | 0 Comments

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