Advanced Placement Adds New Computer-Science Test

The College Board's Advanced Placement Program said Thursday that it plans to add a new computer-science program to its class offerings, the first new test in seven years. The move reflects a growing interest in training students for careers in the sciences amid a national push to make the U.S. economy more competitive globally.


Data scientists are in demand

“In most areas of the modern economy, math and statistics have never been more important,” Susan Athey, an economics professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, tells Bloomberg’s Aki Ito. “As firms get more and more data-driven, there become fewer and fewer careers that don’t require those skills.”  | 0 Comments


Think US snooping is bad? Try Italy, India or…Canada

Just because something is legal doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing. So far, legality is the main rationale US officials have used to defend the government’s PRISM spying program. It’s all perfectly legalapproved by Congress and the courts. But a more potent argument might be to compare PRISM with the spying programs of other countries. Compared to the data-mining that goes on elsewhere, US intelligence agencies may be relatively constrained. | 0 Comments

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