Bridging the Gap Between Web 2.0 and Higher Education

Higher education faces a challenge. It may not now it yet, but it does. And the challenge is this - when learners have been accustomed to very facilitative, usable, personalisable and adaptive tools both for learning and socialising, why will they accept standardised, unintuitive, clumsy and out of date tools in formal education they are paying for? | 0 Comments


Short and Sweet: Technology Shrinks the Lecture

Dalton A. Kehoe, an associate professor of communication studies at York University, in Toronto, has for decades won teaching awards and praise for his lectures. So when he was asked to do his first online course, a couple of years ago, he was excited to head into a studio to capture his 50-minute talks on video.
When the recordings went online, however, they were anything but hits. The main complaint: They were much too long. | 0 Comments

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