"Education As We Know It Is Finished"

School is out, and for most students enjoying their midsummer pleasures, class time is a distant memory. Changes are underway that make it likely to stay that way. The schools students return to in the fall will look quite different from those they left behind. | 0 Comments

Library digitizing more than books

In the past four years, the University Library has been involved in several digitization projects in partnership with other organizations. | 0 Comments


Latest Attempt to Hawk E-Textbooks: Make Them Easier for Professors to Use

It has been hard to get most professors excited about e-textbooks, but publishers continue to try new ways to sell them on the format. The latest strategy seems to make the e-textbooks even easier for professors to use, by integrating them more tightly into the course-management systems they are already familiar with. | 0 Comments


Calendars and Scheduling

As August approaches, all too quickly perhaps, many academics begin to think about planning the fall semester.
Over the past year at ProfHacker, we've written some posts related to calendar and scheduling tools that you might want to revisit as you think about your goals and commitments for the upcoming academic year. | 0 Comments


UH computer breach exposes personal data

Some 53,000 people may have had their personal information exposed after a breach to the University of Hawaii computer system was discovered. The university released a statement Tuesday that more than 40,000 social security numbers and 200 credit card numbers were part of the exposed information that was housed on a computer server used by the Manoa campus parking office.
University officials believe that the breach occurred on May 30 and wasn’t discovered until June 15. | 0 Comments

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