Microsoft’s New Outlook for iOS and Android Is Worth a Try

"As crazy as it sounds, the WSJ’s Joanna Stern writes, Microsoft Corp. may have created the best email app yet for the iPhone and Android phones. Microsoft Thursday released Outlook, really an updated version of the email startup Acompli which the company acquired last year. the app has support for Microsoft’s own Exchange, Outlook.com, Apple Inc.’s iCloud, Yahoo Inc. and Google Inc., as well as other accounts." | 0 Comments


University eText platforms, open-source textbooks lower cost of learning

"With the rising cost of textbooks, which can cost hundreds of dollars every semester, more students are turning to e-books.
Milind Basole, principal eLearning professional at CITES, serves as a manager of the University’s textbook platform project. EText is a reading platform developed on campus, based off an Internet browser, for e-books and multimedia." | 0 Comments


Harmonia app brings music theory to life

The National Science Foundation granted $225,000 to Heinrich Taube, a music professor at the University, to continue the development of his computer application for teaching music theory.
The application, Harmonia, which is already available for free on iTunes, can automaticly analyze music, grade it, determine harmony and anomalies and provide instant feedback of the user’s performance. The best way to think about it, Taube said, is that it is a multimedia version of a textbook, where the examples can change. | 0 Comments

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